Organetto Font Organetto Font

Organetto Font

Organetto is a typeface inspired by the lettering found on Art Deco posters. Its design embraces the latest digital font technology. This versatile font contains multiple widths, making it ideal for every design need.

In addition to its functional geometric style and widths, Organetto includes alternate characters that provide even more design options. All these features, logos, wordmarks, short text, etc., make the font an excellent choice for graphic designers and art directors.

Organetto is a sans-serif typeface with modern proportions and straight-edge terminals. It comes in 7 weights, ranging from Hair to Ultrabold, and 7 widths (from Ultra Condensed to Expanded) and contains 397 characters that support 180 different languages. Organetto also includes OpenType features—3 sets of alternates, catchwords, and titling.

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