Mezcal Luxury Ligature Serif Mezcal Luxury Ligature Serif

Mezcal Luxury Ligature Serif

Mezcal is a fresh, gorgeous serif that gives you the look of a specifically handcrafted logo with special ligatures. Not only can it create a graceful and delicate body text, but it also possesses plenty of gorgeous ligatures! It is this modern serif that can transform an ordinary wordmark into an attractive custom logo by one click.

Just check the ligatures for the letter or use them from the special character panel in your program. Let’s try with your word above in the space provided!


Capital & small letters, figures, punctuations.
21 ligatures in common to provide extra stylization.
Language services for Western and Central European countries
Use for: Logo, Print materials, Products, Desktop programs, Canva (Description of desktop license), Websites (Plan: web license)

Mezcal Font Free Download

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