Kharms Display Font Kharms Display Font

Kharms Display Font

Kharms is a charming and eccentric serif typeface. It was inspired by the title lettering in a series of soviet book covers from the first half of XX century. Strong and rough serifs in Cyrillic Б and T with tense counters set the style of Kharms. The concept of making something both savage and elegant has defined the name of the typeface. Daniil Kharms is a great absurdist poet. His surname is consonant with the English word “harm” and the French word “charme” (charm). This contradiction is perfectly consistent with the character of the typeface.

Kharms character is in its details: beak-shaped serifs, elongated and sharp legs in R K Ж Я, additional sharpness due to the triangular shapes of the letters Л, Д, M, dynamic tilt of counter in round letters and the letter И with reverse contrast, as a tribute to the literary background of the typeface. A modern approach to these details makes the typeface relevant and expressive. Designed by Ilya Buravchikov.

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