Creative Vintage Font Duo Creative Vintage Font Duo

Creative Vintage Font Duo

Creative Vintage Font Duo a modern serif with vintage charm, fashion look and retro yet modern style.

Three fonts that fits perfectly each other:

Work fast using integrated OPENTYPE features. Just add PLUS (+) after any letter and get alternate instantly. This feature works on most applications (Templett, Corjl and others)

Creative Vintage Regular: Opentype Serif font with clean shapes and accurate kerning. It includes ligatures and alternates with total amount 669 PUA encoded glyphs.

Creative Vintage Draft: Modern Serif with chunky imperfect edges and shabby appearance. This font is a strict copy of everything from the regular version including glyphs names, kerning and ligatures, so you are worry-free to change the style on the go. Alternates appear automatically when you type plus after any letter or even ligature.

Fabulous Script: Modern calligraphy script with straight appearance. It comes with 3 weights (thin, regular and bold). All glyphs, ligatures, and alternates are PUA encoded. Elegant swashes are integrated into letters. This scrip has all the required Opentype features. Simply type numbers after any letter or [ before and in the end ] to get long lines.

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