Churchward Typestyle Font Family Churchward Typestyle Font Family

Churchward Typestyle Font Family

Churchward Typestyle is a clean sans serif font, originally designed as a photo font by Joseph Churchward back in 2002. Under exclusive license, BluHead Studio has digitized this typeface by using his original drawings. We added any missing glyphs, being careful to maintain the aesthetic that makes this a classic Churchward design. Joseph intended this to be a six weight family, so we digitized the Light and Ultra Bold weights and interpolated the middle four. We enhanced the functionality of the family by creating a complimentary set of small caps, as well as creating a 10 degree oblique of each weight, being careful to correct the slanted curve forms of the letters.

Churchward Typestyle is now an extensive 12 weight family, ranging in weights from Light to Ultra Bold, making it extremely useful in a broad range of design applications, from text and print, to display, posters and billboards. It’s sanserif design is clean and open, with a few of those characteristic Churchward goodies. Joseph loved his ink traps, so look for many of those! They especially become more apparent in the heavier weights.

All of the Churchward Typestyle fonts support the major Western European languages, and have OpenType features for ligatures, smallcaps, tabular figures, superiors, inferiors, fractions, and ordinals.

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