Checkmark Font Family Checkmark Font Family

Checkmark Font Family

Make your mark with Checkmark; a slick, high energy signature-style script font guaranteed to make a big impression. Digitally hand-drawn, it’s super-clean smooth flow and high-intensity pen strokes make an unmistakable impact in logo/branding projects, large header text and product packaging.

Checkmark offers an array of additional features, providing ample customization opportunities for users. These include a comprehensive set of upper and lowercase alternate letters, 20 ligatures to enhance the fluidity of script lettering, 26 swashes, and a complete set of lowercase end forms, adding a touch of elegance and finesse to your text.

  1. Checkmark Font: This signature-style font boasts smooth edges and encompasses upper and lowercase characters, numerals, and an extensive range of punctuation marks.
  2. Checkmark Alt Font: A variant of Checkmark, featuring a distinct set of upper and lowercase characters. Switching to this font allows for diverse lettering styles, enabling users to avoid repetition and experiment with different word shapes.
  3. Checkmark Swash Font: This font comprises 26 hand-drawn swashes. Typing any a-z or A-Z character in this font generates a swash, perfect for underlining text and adding decorative elements.
  4. Ligatures: Included are 20 ligatures (double letters) to facilitate smoother lettering. While many programs automatically enable this feature, assistance for accessing ligatures is available upon request.
  5. End Forms: Available for all lowercase characters in the Checkmark font, these characters add a stylish ‘end-swash’ to words. Accessible through software with OpenType capability or via a Glyphs panel.
  6. Language Support: Checkmark fonts accommodate various languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and many more, ensuring versatility and accessibility for users worldwide.

In summary, Checkmark’s rich feature set empowers users to personalize their designs with ease and precision, making it a valuable asset for designers seeking versatility and sophistication in their projects.

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