Apothecary Font Apothecary Font

Apothecary Font

Apothecary is a serif font collection inspired by vintage and antique prints. It is excellent for texts or headings and perfect as a pairing font. Design quotes, packaging, wedding invites or labels, and branding in a vintage style. Lovingly designed to match my original Apothecary Script (sold separately)

This beautifully crafted typeface embodies all of my feelings of nostalgia and handcrafting. Nevertheless, you can have custom-made soap labels, build signs for boutiques, and give your branding an antique and clean look. This font will add to your eternal charm and make it shine by itself.

The font will be used in many areas, like digital graphics and printed objects. It helps to combine the reality of history with the efficient demands of usage in modern society. This certainly makes it handy for writers who strive to add flavour and history to their work.


  • Apothecary Serif: a serif font with an antique print texture.
  • Apothecary Serif Spaced: beautifully spaced for texts or as a pairing font.
  • Apothecary Serif Caps: rich, bold, and tall textured capitals font that includes the lowercase as a secondary uppercase font, slightly smaller. Great for headings or as drop caps.
  • Apothecary Serif Caps Spaced: beautifully spaced for texts or as pairing font.
  • Language support

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